I Posted tonight without my partners in crime- It's just not the same! My boys are gone for a minute with Idaho Mgcruff so it's just been me and the babe and the babe in the oven! Whew Does that sound overwhelming or what!? Thanks to Ash for helping me along. Everyone Send loves and prayers to my sis right now- she could use it! We hope anyone out there reading this is enjoying it and maybe getting some IDEAS. We love to design and make things beautiful- send us your comments and thoughts. HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! (and I highly suggest running to the your closest convenient store and snagging some dark chocolate dove almonds)-B

Table Tops that make you want to dance!

Couldn't resist this compote, cake platter thingy!

Found these old post cards at an antique store, I thought they added a touch of color and felt springy. I have a banner of them in my window too- some of them say "happy birthday" or "To my nephew" but all of of us need a little happy greeting in the morning when the kids are screaming for cereal right?

I know it's BURLAP again..............

Table Tops that make you want to dance!


Hot MaMA painted this desk lime green- in her black and white laundry room it looks so cute! Recovered the chair with a remnant of fabric and changed the knobs- so cheap and goood lookin.

Once again...Vinyl to the rescue..dun dun dun....(did you sing that? if not go back and read it again with enthusiasm this time) Got that cute pot at Wal-mart and stuck some vinyl to it. BURLAP for a mat or layer and VOILA!

I know it's not a table but it was just to flippin good not to post!

Ideas to spruce up your entry.....

Frame in a frame.....take a peep at the love birds!

Soo can you tell we are a little obsessed with burlap! Big T made curtains out of burlap and stickers...Dirty little secrets...gotta love em!

Got Olly the Owl at a garage sale for two dallah.......

Thank you so much B. You have had your share of trials and are such a good example to me. I love you!

- T
Love to my sis, can't quit thinking of you. Sometimes "Hang in there" is truly all you can do, I love you. -B
Sooo... yesterday I held my white flag in the air and surrendered. My retreat was to a hot tub! Happy for a new day!


Flowers wrapped in newspaper, just like in the old days!

Just painted an "L" on this rug to personalize it. I tied burlap around the vase and pinned it with a broach- Quick and easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

Painted My Wal-Mart finial RED, Turned out quite fabulouso with the RED chair, If I do say so myself!

Mama found this bird cage stand without any Bird cage, so the clever little slurpee addict tied this cute picture on and tied ribbon to it.....YES ribbon! Mama has a ribbon addiction also, she has a whole dresser dedicated to it!

Oh B I love you!!! The funniest part is that you really are the best mom!!!!

The last few weeks of being a mom have been completley insane! I'm sooo grateful because the last few days have been mundane and uneventful! yay..... just to mention a few my little boy and his buddy brought a dead mouse in the house and felt sorry for it. They wrapped it up in his bed and tried to feed it cheese....after the mouse declined (because it was no longer living or hungry!!) they decided to eat the cheese. Then my sweet little girl fell off of something that was much to high for her to be on and had to go to the docs. ( who by the way didn't lecture me a spec because I was blubbering in the corner) Then the same two little boys started a nice little camp fire in my back yard! ....Not ready to laugh about that one yet- YES I AM THE MOTHER OF THE YEAR! Thanks to the other writers of this blog mom and sis for all the support the last two weeks- one more on the way..... I know.... everyones scarred. Any sympathy or stories of your MOTHER OF THE YEAR Stories would be appreciated.....

Spring Porch Ideas!
Soo... love the window? I do- it's my favorite of this post. Great Job Mama you win this time. It's a great way to use the vertical space on your porch. More porch Ideas comin up soon...........