On the 11th Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me...A SCAVENGER HUNT FOR OUR JAMMIES!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!! Every Christmas Eve night we have a tradition of making a scavenger hunt for one present (per person) to open! In our case we do pajamas, but you could really do anything! Our dad makes up the hunt for all of us, then we all go into one room together while he hides them. To start the hunt we always go in order of youngest to oldest ( so the kids don't get bored with it!) So here is an example;

We start out by giving the first clue right to the person which might read something like this:

It's Low not High, At times its Wet
Its where your Rubber Ducky is, I bet...

So then they would find their next clue in the bath tub! You can do as many clues as you'd like finally ending in the place you have hidden the present! It is so Stinkin FUN!!! You should all try it! It is even fun for the grown ups!!! Well I hope you try it out! And Have a Merry Merry CHRISTMAS!!! 

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me..........Breakfast Quick and tasty....

Okay all you readers out there! We need your help on this one.......What are some good recipes to make on Christmas morning?
No don't click away......It will take you two minutes to get your recipe out and share. C'mon this is the season for giving! I have tried different things over the years but nothing seems to stick- We need your help........Mama Bear makes a pretty mean stuffed french toast which I will be posting tomorrow but in the time between now and then, Let's hear it?!

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me.........Obligatory Neighbor gifts YAY!

So here are a few ideas we have done over the years: I don't have pics because I have to many kids and unwrapped presents.....

- Give a small jar of pace picante salsa and a bag of chips witha cute tag that says-" Is the hustle and bustle of the season getting you down? We hope this helps you pick up the "Pace" this Christmas!" CHEESY but cute-

- Give a dollar store plate with the first initial of their last name in vinyl on it. (with cookies if you have time, if not the plate is great!) You can find vinyl in lots of stores now with great designs.

- A special Ornament handpicked with the date and a short message on the bottom can be loved forever- or there is always vintage ornaments ( if my friends are reading this go for the last option if your looking for me! wink wink )

- A box or bag of Clementines for neighbors or friends is a great gift. (little cuties) My kids have been downing these things!

- Pancake  or cookie mix with a tag that says " Hope your Christmas is mixed with Love and Laughs!"

- For closer friends I think magazine subscriptions are so fun- What Girlie doesn't love some kind of magazine?

- A two liter of sprite with a tag that reads " May your days be merry and sprite!" So much cheeze but at Christmas you can get away with it....

- 1-Grab tea cups and small plates from a thrift store 2- Stick whole cloves in a small orange 3- Place your orange in the tea cup and tie some ribbon on it, wrap it up with a cellophane sack - This smells so yummy and makes a cute gift.

- If you have crafty girlfriends or family give them a yard of cute fabric- fabric can be used for anything!

Hope this helped someone out there! Were almost there, to the big day. Does anyone else get sad that it's almost over?  Hope all is well with all of you. Merry wishes and happy last minute shopping! 

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me......Last minute lovelies!

Book page Snow Flakes- the kiddies love to make these too!

Glittered Pine cones- Says Christmas all the way! Just use modge podge
and We have said it before Martha Stewart Glitter is our favorite- she should pay us for advertising!

My candy canes were running low in this pic- I've had my share  ;) 

Love the ribbon in this one, so cute even through the winter, not just for Christmas.

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me............Seven cakes a swimmin .....in rum- Yum!

So I would say that making rum cake is one of our favorite traditions at Christmas......turn on some Christmas tunage, pour yourself some Sprite and Cranberry juice and let the kitchen BAKE!


1 pck yellow cake mix (I can't beleive were sharing this recipe now all my neighbors know I'm not Martha cuz this is soo easy!)
1 small pck. instant vanilla pudding
1/2 cup water, oil and rum
4 eggs

*Stir first five ing. together, then add 1 egg at a time
*Coat a pan with melted butter and sprinkle it with sugar, add some chopped or slivered almonds to the bottom of your pan.(this gives the top of your cake a sugary crust- yum! You can do this in any kind of pan, bread pan or fluted cake pan works great! We love the mini fluted cake pans so we can make lots to take to friends.)
*Bake at 350 for 45 min
*While this is baking In a sauce pan Melt 1/2 cup of butter, 1 cup of sugar, and 1/2 cup of rum- this makes a syrup to drench your cake in. Now....if your Bre you will boil this for a min or two to cook out all the alcohol, if your Tris you might not cook it as long..............
*When your cakes have cooled gently coax them out of there pans so the bottom is facing up, poke some holes with a butter knife and pour your syrup over your cake.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do - May your days be merry and Bright the next few weeks. Remember to enjoy your families and friends this week. It will all be over to soon... 

These are Christmas aprons I tied to my chairs and finished it off with ribbon- easy peasy...my kinda cute....5 min. cute!

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me....Six keys a hanging

Ornaments that aren't ornaments! Think of using things in your house, or your collections.
This year we did Tea cups, Keys (even ones that weren't old, just normal keys- add a little
glitter and remake them fabulous) Old cards,Frames, numbers, magazine clipart,.......we'll
show you more on Studio 5 on Tues.

Your tree in a stand (unless you are brave and have a real one- I'm jealous if you do) is out! Find something else to put your tree in- this may require your husbands or neighbors help! Urns from Wally's work great, smaller trees work the best for this too.Love this one on the green table- this table should have been mine........it's ok I forgive you mom.

This is another example of the fabric thing!

5 more reasons to sing................in the shower

Heullooooo! Merry Merry to you and yours....

Yes! We even decorate our bathrooms! It just gives a little extra cheer when your doing the things ya gotta do in this room........I'll stop there.

This year mom used fabric instead of ribbon, she cut them into chunky strips and tied them to everything!
My favorite part of it is that she used like three different fabrics with like colors and put them together, soo cute.

These ornaments have gotta be straight outta the 70's-

And may all your bubble baths....... have vintage ornaments hanging ore your pretty little head! So most of you have all your christmas up, but maybe not in the bathroom. Add a few bulbs in a jar and place on your counter or to your lights. Merry fifth day!  


So if you haven't already heard, our Studio 5 showing was postponed today due to a long awaited guilty verdict for Mr. (Psycho kidnapper) Mitchell. I just got word that it will air on Tuesday December 14th instead. I hope you can all tune in! Meanwhile we will be catching up on our twelve days of Christmas! So check back in often!
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Goin to Studio 5 today, YAY!!!

We will be showing how to decorate your home with unique ornaments and fun vintage finds! We really are addicted to vintage ornaments! They are just so FUN!!!!!! So tune into KSL 5 @ 11:00 am for some fun new ideas!

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Fourth day continued... ;)

Its fun to set the table up fancy, even when you don't have company coming over!

To make this fun snowflake table cloth, all you need is some fabric and a pair of scissors. Cut your fabric ( I used light burlap ) into a square as big as you need it, and fold it like you would paper to make a snowflake! Then just cut whatever design you like! Simple I know, but hard to cut through all those layers at once!

Sometimes its hard to find more than two vintage plates that are the same, so mix it up! Go for the pieces you love, odds are when you put them all together they will look fabulous!

Decorating with Christmas bulbs as if they were part of the feast adds a fun sparkle to the table! When using greenery to decorate for Christmas doesn't always have to be pine, I cut these greens from a winter gem boxwood bush...

Greet your guests with a fun chalk board saying. It could be the menu for that evening, or a line from a song. Whatever you love! This giant chalkboard used to be a giant painting...sometimes I feel bad putting chalk board paint all over someones piece of art, but paintings make very sturdy black boards!

And last but not least...my new ornament chandelier! This sucker turned out FABULOUS!!!!!! My hot hubby mouted a plastic decor grate to the ceiling above the table (thanks my hot lover!!!) Then I just got to work stringing and tying every bulb all at different heights and spacing. Starting with the biggest being the longest and in the center. Then just built around it. I used only yellow and silver and I am now very much in love with those two colors together!

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Catch of the day...

Found these fun treasures at the DI and the antique mall today! 8 BUCKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!
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On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me.....

4 hungry mouths to feed...
I couldn't resist! This is the newest mouth to feed- soo cute!

This could be favors for guests- everyone loves candy canes! I have slowly collected white dishes over the years and now I have enough to do a little display- YAY!

When your having a shin dig, think of  new ways to display your silverware in, dishes, vases, pots- anything you can find that goes with that time of year.  

This is an old dish drainer I got from a garage sale- I love it for parties. It makes it easy for everyone to grab and LOAD!

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Three Recovered Barstools - yay!!!

How fabulous are these! The cushions before this had stains all over them! So instead of buying new stools I just recovered them and to be honest they turned out alot better than anything you could find in a store!

I am in LOVE with this fabric! I just can't figure out what language it is in...

Then I covered them with clear plastic so I wont have to worry about stains again!

So after I got these puppies done I figured I ought to get my four year chair project done so I started putting the finishing touches on this little Jem!

Give me feedback people! Good or bad I can take it! We love hearing from you!!!
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On the second day of Christmas my True love gave to me....Two yummy dips

These two dips are our favorites because they are stinkin easy!

The first one we lovingly call...Shrimp Dip (nice ring to it). This dip came from our Great Grandma O, passed down to our cute Grandma Witty Witt Witt and now our mom makes it for all of our get togethers.... Noone really knows the recipe because they just "eyeball" it but I'll do my best for you all to try it...

1 brick of Cream Cheese (Philadelphia)
1 tsp. Horseradish ( I think we use more but we like hot! To taste)
1 Tbl. yellow onion, chopped fine (to taste, we like onion too!)
1 can of tiny shrimp Drained and rinsed  (broken if you can find it)
1-2 Tbl milk

* Soften Cream Cheese on your counter for a bit, then add first three ing and mix well. Add milk to make the dip the consistency you like and fold in shrimp. This dip is best with original Ruffles chips.

Ummm I won't tell you what we call this dip, so for blog purposes it's - Fiesta Dip-, our sis taught us this one and it's been a staple ever since.

1 8 ounce Sour cream ( the smaller one)
1 4.5 ounce can mild green chillies
1 4 once can chopped olives
1/4 c. shredded cheddar cheese
1 packet Fiesta Ranch
1 bunch green onions- chopped

* mix ing. together and garnish with a little green onion and yummo- it's a party in your mouth! ;)

If you try these let us know how they work for you, Happy Chikkaboom 2nd Day of Christmas. Luvs and off I go to save my two screamimg children..........

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me - A Bubble Santa by my sink...eee! -

For as long as we can remember, our mom always had a bubble Santa next to her sink at Christmas time! So ever since we were little, when we saw the bubble santa come out of storage we knew it was officially Christmas! ( mom had no idea when she started this that it would be so special to us, she just thought it was a cute antique ;) )

So as soon as I got married I was on the hunt for a Santa of my own. I soon found out how valuable that little sucker was! So after searching and scavenging for months on eBay, I found one! For half the price! Yay!

So here's our bubble Santa! We've put it out for you to see, let the season begin!!!
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Coming up...

Watch for our twelve days of Christmas... starting December first! Recipes, decorating and entertaining ideas, and just some of our favorite things. Luv to all and hope your Thanksgiving was Lovely. 

Being the mom

Today I give up..........it is time to go to bed and wait for a new sunrise, things are always better in the morning...right? B-

Oh the smell of pine...

Adding some fresh spriggs of my pine tree out back to a fake Garland gives you a fresh Garland look without the hefty price!

And it smells Fabulous!!!
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For some odd reason these pics didn't show up on my last post. It couldn't possibly be human error ;)

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