Happy Hallows Eve

Halloween is our Favorite! The possibilities are endless, and it's soo
fun to be a little evil and dark. I think there is a little witch inside of all
of us! (especially me being nine and a half months pregnant!) Soo..
onto the projects- I got one book I didn't care about to much, i tore
pages out and covered a stack of other books. Add ribbon, a
pumpkin and voila!!


 - kinda went for simple this year, this one is pretty self explanatory! Love cake platters for Everything, whenever you can pick one up... just do it! (any dishes with scuffs on the bottom, have been loved so there probably more...um vintagish...ya)  
Spotted these frames at a garage sale, they were gold and not okay.... but with a little GLOSSY black spray paint they turned out awsome! I have been using them for lots of fun things. I put this little doodah in the corner of my kitchen under my cabinets.


Glitter!! And again with the cake platters! Placing your decor on a mirror brightens them up in such a way that makes you say.....ahhhh... very nice. Especially your glassware! 

  If my children have friends over, i bribe them with a treat so they will be extra nice!! Hehe

One Bodacious Belly

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saggy baggy belly~

Whew! I am Sooo Prego, only two more weeks ( okay really like three, but saying two helps my heart.) Just a bit of advice to all. If you happen to see someone with an unusually large belly take a quick glimpse and politely force yourself to look away. I KNOW it's hard! I get it. It's freakishly huge, but to pass on a little love, really just look away. Then..... don't ask if there is two, or three. Try hard not to mention watermelons, and don't ask if they were due yesterday. If anything just say.....what an amazing sacrifice they are making for their child and move along your merry way. Not that this has ever happened to me, just thought I'd mention my deeep thoughts for the day-B
Last trip to the lake, maybe it's my hormones but I'm sad! Our family has had so many good times up here. When we return we will have a new member of our family with us, four kids... Wow! The leaves are changing and there is a bite in the air, fall has already fallen on us. How blessed I feel to be able to come to such a beautiful place......

A few other things to Brighten your day!

I am in LOVE with this site!!! The ruffle bedspread is my favorite! Its little details like these that can really make a space unique!!! To check them out just click on the Urban Outfitters link below! Happy Shopping!!!
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Looking For a SAUCY New Rug? We found some GREAT deals!!!

Oh my goodness I am in love! When we manage to find some down time we love to search the web for awesome finds and great deals, and holy canolli we found some!!! UrbanOutfitters.com has TONS of unique decor for some damn good prices! ( yes I said damn, sorry mom :) ! I am SO putting these rugs on my birthday wish list, hint hint - you know you love me! These rugs are a great way to add some vintage flair to your space! Go check them out!!!
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