Books on books on books

Books are one of my very favorite decorating accessories. You can never ever have too many cute books. When I go to the thrift store and buy all of these books, people look at me like I am a very intelligent smart girl. Little do they know, I'm only buying them to stack neatly in my home. Hehe

For this look, I ripped out different pages in different sizes. I rolled up about five pages at a time and tied them with some scrap fabric I had.

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Need more closet space? Drink a coke...yep! :)

So who couldn't use more closet space? Maybe Kim I bet even she needs more!

So here is a SIMPLE solution:

Drink a Coke

Your keep the tabs from your cokes!

So all you need to do to double your closet space is simply place one hole of the tab on one hanger, then hook your second hanger on the other hoop!

And depending on how high your hanging rod is you could do this a third or even fourth time! But then you'd have to buy more clothes to fill up all that space you just made...dang.


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Now you see it, Now you don't!

If there is any object that can throw off a rooms decor it's the GIANT printer/scanner!!! Now a days you can purchase a wireless printer stick it in a closet and call it macaroni...yep...macaroni.

But for all of us that refuse to spend money on such things there is another solution!


So I stuck mine under my desk! I placed it on top of an old wooden box that I turned on its side to add a little more storage space, I can't get enough storage space!

To hide my lovely printer I purchased a tension rod ( you can find these pretty much anywhere and they are extremely affordable ) Then I found an extra piece of fabric I had layin around and layed it on my bar front facing down, then I placed the tension rod over it. Then all you have to do is roll the top of your fabric over the tension rod and start gluing! I used E-6000 but a hot glue gun would work fine too! Or if you are REALLY super ambitious you could always sew it, meh!

When your glue is dry just scrunch up your fabric to give it that flowy feeling, I may have made that word up) then twist your tension into place and voila! The printer is hidden!

And that is that! Pretty simple eh?

I Love This!!! Personal Libraries are a Retreat!!!

And aren't they?! Even if it is a small reading nook, dedicating any space to just sit back with a good book is definitely a retreat!

Check out the full story by KSL!

Here are a few beauties I snapped on Pinterest!

Howie Mandel...... How We Mantel!

First of all that post title is hilarious...
 and...Here's a quickie Idea for your mantel! I know your all putting away you're Christmas Crap! Yes, I said crap. Go get that mantel decorated! I covered these books with book pages forever ago and I love them! You can cover any book with pages, put those old twilight books to good use. I use them for lots of decorating stuff. They are a great neutral color, and easy to add to any vignette for height. My mantel is Concrete with white oval tiles, its a keeper! I have lots of project ideas in my head for this year, I can't wait to get them going! If I can quit cleaning toilets for long enough to get anything done. Hope this New Year is full of happiness, organizing, and LOVE! -- B

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Why have they NOT thought of this before???!

Groove Book is an AWESOME new app that will print up to 100 pictures from any phone in a cute little book that makes removing pictures easy if you want to use them for framing or scrapbooking! Or if your like me :) you can just leave them in the book and have your most cherished photos (which are usually the ones we snap quick on our phones ) in one convenient book!

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! And it's SuPeR EASY to use! You get to pick which pictures you want, or don't want! And with this Coupon Code you will get your first book absolutely FREE! NO PRINTING CHARGE, NO SHIPPING, ABSOLUTELY FREE! Did I mention that it's free?

 If you choose to keep your monthly subscription going, it only costs $2.99 a month (That's CRAZY kids ) Or you can simply just cancel after you receive your first FREE book!

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Inspiration for the Winter Blues

When I need a good decor inspiration I always check out Layla Grace @ or you can follow them on facebook! I love how they mix fresh with little pops of color! So CUTE!!!