Bowls.... I'm addicted!

So I walk into the thrift store or IKEA, out of all the lovely things I could be spending my money on ( like things I actually need ) I buy another bowl! Why ...... I don't know..... Really it's like the shape of them or something! They are used for the most precious of all tasks; making food for our loved ones, and the old ones I can't pass up... They have a story to tell. I will say I really do use most of them ~ but I decided to try and display them in my kitchen. I needed the color and could use the cupboard space! He he :) Is there something you LOVE and you can't pass it up?

Paint the possibilities!

So more on paint..... We love it because it gives you a custom look for cheap. If you can't afford moldings and bead board try paint to spice up your rooms!

This room is still a wrk in progress I need some stuff on the walls, but I wanted to show you Miss Roma's stripes. I love the neutral colors, but yet the stripe adds so much to this space. It also gives me a blank canvas for adding lots of color everywhere else. Gotta do pink because she's my only girlie.....

This is my boys room. Hello nothing up on the wall in here either! I didn't realize how bad I suck, having two babies 15 months apart has set me back..... Anyhoooo... I doo love this paint! The "X" feels so masculine to me, and I love the bold color. I was going to do a head board but I think the wall is enough of a focal point that I don't need to.

This is my toy room- Yay for toy rooms! This paint is two shades of the same color. Pick a color you love and have your paint peeps tint it two to three shades darker. Hope this gets you onto your paint projects.... Would love to hear about them......-B

Making the Best of a Small hallway...

I LOVE my hall! A bold mix of simple colors. For this area I chose black, cream and turquoise. The walls are a perfect cream color called "Nigerian Peony". Its actually an expired color by Ralph Lauren, but if you ask your paint mixer at Home Depot they can still make it in Behr! Love it!

Then I used a damask stencil (I'm pretty sure we found it at Michael's ) and just repeated the stencil in black until it covered the entire wall.

Then I just stuck a few turquoise vinyl birds all around to give it a pop of color!

Then I just spray painted a few random frames I found at a second hand store, and put in some black a white bird scrapbook paper!

And that's that! Now I have my own personal aviary...minus the poop ;)

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Pretty as a picture

I did this wall sometime back and I still LUV it! These pics are kindof hard to tell, but all these frames follow my stairway.What is so great about it is you can always add to it! I laid out all my frames on the floor first, and then 1 at a time pulled from my layout to hang them. I had my hubbs help me with this one, what a man! All the frames are from IKEA because there prices are great and have lots of colors in the same style. I love black and white so I found paper I liked and framed it to add variety. I can't take all the credit for this,I did see it in pottery barn a few years ago and couldn't forget about it. I have more frames I need to add to get my Dempsy on there. Happy day to all! I'm off to play with my treasures!


This is a pic my sister in law sent me, after watching our segment. She is the ultimate crafter! I love women! Were so good at cheering eachother on, send us more of your creations with burlap! We would love to see them- thanks Ash, you always inspire me!

Oh wow!

Is there anyone else out there that still has there Christmas up? January is like half over! Once again I am on the ball- I'm sitting on my couch giggling at my tree- all the ornaments are off.... Except for the tippy top where I was to lazy to get a stool and take them off. The joys of four kids....five years ago I would've been so bugged By Now because it wasnt I'm sitting on my couch laughing. Good or bad? I'm not sure.....


Yay studio 5 was SO fun as usual! We love Brooke and Darin! Now we are treating ourselves to fried pickles at The Garden! Our restaurant for today is a big yum-o!!!!! +10!

Studio 5 Here we Come!...again

We are going to be showing some FUN things on Studio 5 tomorrow! Be sure to tune in @ 11 AM ( Utah ) KSL ! If you are not in the area you can check out our Studio 5 segment at

And just click on our link!

Sneak Peak...

It has been around for centuries, right under our noses. Beautiful and yes…CHEAP! Burlap baby! We love it and we use it EVERYWHERE!!!

You can find it just about anywhere! On the farm, at your local coffee shop and now you can even find it at the grocery store! It comes in lots of different colors, but our favorites are the neutrals! And after the Holiday colors of Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas, a little neutral is nice!
There are a many ways you can decorate with burlap. From pillows to books to wallpaper, the possibilities are endless!

W have had a BLAST decorating these past few weeks!

Holy MaMa

AAAAaaaaa! My camera battery died and of course my other one is not charged- I can't wait to show all of you the project I finished tonight. I am in love again ( i know it happens often, i'm a romantic ) I will get it up soon..........B

Oh happy Day!

What an amazing year it has been! (As I'm sure all of you could say) This post is not about decorating-sorry!-I'll make it short!I just wanted to say how truly blessed we are to live in the places we live. To practice the religions we choose. To make choices for our families, of schools, careers, and hobbies.   

This past week I had a great reminder, something I needed. Hold your friends, babies, families a little closer. Forgive quicker. Indulge more in the lovely things of life. Let your house go....(for a time ;)) and do something for yourself, your kids or neighbor. LET GO of relationships that hold you back. Have Gratitude and LIve-lIVe-LIVE your blessed life!

Great things to come! Paint ideas for your rooms, More burlap, and some fun pillow ideas! Thanks for taking a minute to look - we hope you feel inspired to decorate when you visit!