Potty Talk

Ok so I have an obsession with toilet seats....that's right toilet seats! There's nothing like a nice clean smooth seat, especially after yours looks like this!
Toilet seats are surprisingly cheap especially at Walmart or on Amazon! And it's a quick and easy bathroom pick me up that ANYONE can do!
All you need is a wrench, unscrew the bolts under the back rim of the toilet and the old seat will come right off! Then your toilet will look something like this. This is an excellent time to clean the parts of your throne that you normally can't get to!
Then just secure the new seat the same way! Make sure the bolts are tight or you will start to get a wiggly toilet!
Another quick throne pick me up is the handle! Did you know that there are tons of different handles that you can change out on your toilet!!! I nabbed this cutie at Lowes!

So you don't need a handy man and lots of money to update your throne, all you need is a little elbow grease!

Cleaning 101

So I have the BEST trick to getting hard water off of your faucets...Kaboom baby!!!!
Grab yourself a sandwich bag ( and a sandwich if you're hungry) and spray some Kaboom inside ( the bag, not the sandwich) Then just secure the bag onto your faucet with a rubber band!!!
Then leave it and do something else like eat a sandwich! ( I might be a little hungry right now ).

Every fifteen minutes or so pat the bottom of the bag just to swish things around. I usually leave mine on for at least an hour, then take it off and give it a little scrub and your faucet will look better than NEW!!! And it will work better too! I do this on my shower heads and sink sprays, it works GREAT!!!