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Watch for our twelve days of Christmas... starting December first! Recipes, decorating and entertaining ideas, and just some of our favorite things. Luv to all and hope your Thanksgiving was Lovely. 

Being the mom

Today I give is time to go to bed and wait for a new sunrise, things are always better in the morning...right? B-

Oh the smell of pine...

Adding some fresh spriggs of my pine tree out back to a fake Garland gives you a fresh Garland look without the hefty price!

And it smells Fabulous!!!
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For some odd reason these pics didn't show up on my last post. It couldn't possibly be human error ;)

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Bring the outside in!

I had these branches in my back yard just sitting waiting to go to the dump. So I pulled em out and painted them white! Aren't they fabulous!! I love them! And best of all, they were free!!! I lit them up above my entertainment center and hung turquoise and white ornaments from them! I found the giant snowflakes at the dollar store (they have fantastic Christmas decor) and the frosted pinecones at Walmart! I put the white ornament vinyl on a silver plate and there you have it! Hope you like it!

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Merry Merry!

Me and carpenter smoothy made these snowflakes out of book pages- I thought he would be done in like five....but oooo no he was the master snowflaker! We hooked them together and made a garland.

I grouped things together with color, so everything on top of my piano is white and silvery- Winter wonderland...ish! I had this frame and painted it silver to add height. Go through your cupboards you havn't been into for awhile and shop for new ways to use your....junk...  :)

Added glitter to the blades!

More Christmas!

I have had these milk jars forever and didn't know what to do with them, in one of my four AM thinking sessions it hit me! I went to a Christmas store and told them how many bulbs I needed to fit my jars- they hooked me up with the wire and plugs. My ma is doing vinyl to say "Merry Christmas" across them. This could work with tea cups or jars too...

I have no idea what this thing is- I got it at a junk yard because I liked the shape. I spray painted it cream and hung it on my back door to hold my christmas cards. I hope I get some?! If you know me maybe you should send me one so I feel like I have friends and  have something to hang in these! :)

CAKE PLATTERS are sucha great investement, I use them for everything!


I want to hear everyone's Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions- let's hear it!

Silent Night....Holy....crap I love how this turned out! I just sorted all
my ornaments into colors and got all my jars I've collected over the years and put them in. I used my mirror for the base again, all the singled out colors look awsome.

Go shopping in your house! Look through dishes and see if there is a fun way to display them.
Even ornaments in a bowl are so perty, for your table or coffee table. I have to try dfferent ornaments in different things lots of times before I find what I love- so don't give up!

Santa Baby! I found these two cuties at a thrift store. I think it will be my new christmas addiction.
(but only the ones with cute faces cuz there are some scary santas out there!)


Just got done painting my bathroom! There is something so satisfying about repainting a room! I think the grey really makes the polka dots stand out more, love it!

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Getting started! OH this Christmas stuff does take a lot of work, but...
How Sweet It Is when IT IS DONE!

My name is BRE... and I am ...addicted to vintage ornaments....

little helpers!

This is a HOT Mess!! We all have to make a mess to create magic...right!?
My Grams always told me "beauty is pain, my dear" hee, hee :) I'm
getting there try and post more tonight or tomorrow....

Shout out to "simply be photo"

This girl does awsome pics! (Plus I love to hang with her, she's my granola sister) Check out her blog- lots of my little treasures are on there. Luvs to all, hope you had a good day!........B

And The WiNNer Is...

Mary Ann - with - "Vintage Knick-Knack Stacks"!!!!
Yay Mary Ann we LOVE this name!!! It is SO fun and SO cute!!! You are very creative!!!CONGRATS!!! We love how that name describes its puspose while be  Fabulous at the same time!!!

It was SO hard deciding which one to pick, so we have two runners up that we will send a little "Diddy" to! FYI it wont be as exciting as a Knick-Knack Stack, but it will be fun none the less!!! So our 2 runners up are:

Cat - with - "ChiKKa-Chic-Tower"


Mandi - with - "Chandelier Tier"!

Okay cute girls shoot us an E-Mail @ and include your name and mailing address and you can expect some funmail very soon!!!

We ABSOLUTELY LOVED all your comments!!! We love hearing from you so keep your comments coming!!! Check back often for more fun decorating ideas and more contests!!!

Love, The ChiKKaBoom Girls!


Hey Everyone- We will be posting the winner to our Studio 5 Contest on Monday! Thanks for all your ideas, we have narrowed it down to a couple and are stewing. It was great to look at your blogs and see new faces! New stuff comin up is new Christmas and paint ideas.....