Witchy Witch Heels How To!

How cute is the is fun project?!

Things you will need:

* an old pair of heels
* paper
*painters or masking tape
* fabric
* hot glue gun

First we wrapped our paper around the tip of the toe and secured it with tape. This gives your shoe an over exaggerated pointy toe!

Then we wrapped our painters tape (masking tape works great too) around the paper to make it a little sturdier!

Then just start cutting and piecing your fabric around the shoe with your hot glue.

Did I mention that you have to drink a coke while making this project?

We thought we were clever and decided to divide and conquer ( mostly because we procrastinated and were trying to get these babies done the night before Studio 5 ) Well needless to say one shoe ended up bigger than the other...ooops!

Then just add your own flavor to the mix! We added some shoe buckles we cut out of scrapbook paper and some bats to the back!

Happy Haunting!

Last Minute Halloween Decor Tricks!

With School and Sports and LIFE I imagine most of us are running out of time for everything! So we threw together a couple of Fast and Fun Halloween Decor tips to get you feeling more on top of things!

We glued some sticks we found in the yard around a few pumpkins to give them a fun Anthropology look!

Draw some frightfully cute Spider Webs with puff paint onto wax paper, let dry then place them in windows and corners of your home. They peel right off making cleanup a breeze!

And what Halloween is complete withouta pair of Witchy Witch Heels!

Happy Halloween 

Wicked Haunted House Tour

Halloween is when all the fun holiday decorating starts! We LOVE it! My home is all decked out and ready for all that Halloween fun to begin! Studio 5 just filmed a fun segment on my old haunted home and we had a blast!