Wall finished...... Chalkboard fun

This turned out soo fun I'm lovin all the different things you can do with this wall! Chalkboard..... Woot woot! ;)

Backstage at Studio 5!

We are having lots of fun at Studio 5 today! If you missed the show you can go to ksl.com, just click on Studio 5 and you can see our segment!

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Feeling BLUE......

Painting my formal living room, and it's pretty blue! Not pretty like my little girl- pretty like over the top! It's actually chalkboard paint, so I have big plans for this room. We shall see if it wrks out...... Wish me luck..... And tune in next time to see if the blues brought a smile to my face?

LOTS of Helpers, needless to say the floor was also painted blue!

Decorating with loved stuff.....

This is a handkerchief that my great grandma embroidered her initial on, and used tatting to do the edge. I have it hung over my kitchen window. It reminds of her everyday, she was the ULtimate homemaker! I'll never forget her letting me punch down the bread dough, and all the rocks she had displayed in her living room. Love you grams- thanks for sparking the light of homemaking in me! Use your keepsakes in your house- let them shine and remind you of the people you love!

Punch up Your Porch for Summer!

Picture Perfect Porch Ideas...

Everyone needs a little get away of their own, but sprucing up a porch can be pricey! Here are a few budget friendly ideas to spice up your outdoor space!

Our cute Dad build this AMAZING bench out of an old bed frame found at a second hand store! LOVE IT!!!  When you are looking for old furniture for a project always look at the shape, it's easy to overlook a great piece when it isnt the color that you want. Just remember that you can paint just about anything!

Looking for the perfect pillow is tough and expensive! Covering an existing pillow is much cheaper and the best part is that you can change it whenever you want!

Bring the inside out! Paintings dont have to stay indoors, just make sure that you hang them on a wall that doesn't get hit by the sprinklers!

Crates are VERY in right now! With this little cutie we covered a piece of scrap wood with fabric and screwed it right to the top! To add a little height we attached some wheels to the bottom!

Wire baskets found in the kitchen section of a second hand store work GREAT for planters and hanging baskets!

Old metal buckets make GREAT planting pots! Just drill a few holes in the bottom for draining!

Wind chimes can be made out of almost anything! We used old egg beaters for this one, and they actually make a very pretty sound! Of course we had to bling it up a bit ;)