Have you ever had a decorating faux pas?! A decorating disaster?! We want to hear about them, the one that makes us giggle the most wins!! Leave them in our comments or you can email us. Now this is on your honor- so tell the truth! The prize is one of Trissy's handmade charms from Ditri designs. So just an example for you..... I was sooo prego with our first baby.We had been remodeling this house built in the early 1900's. Doing dishes in the tub and eating out or with a microwave for what seemed like FOREVER! I think we were having a shower at our house like in the next few days, so of course we thought we'll paint! We decided on a burnt orange to go with our dark wood molding..... Our cute neighbors came over to help and we were painting until like one AM. My poor pregnant bod was so tired and so relieved to finally have it done in time for all our guests to arrive. We went to bed feeling like the paint "probably wouldn't look quite as orange in the morning" So when we got up the room was "Yes! Quite that ORANGE! The orangiest thing you have ever seen!!!!" needless to say this color has only shown up in accents in my house since. And my poor hubs had to repaint it all in one day- I don't think it was even dry when people came to the shower.

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My new Boyfriend.....

This buffet is my new boyfriend...... Don't worry my hubs is not the jealous type. Can't wait to fix it up and put some doodads on top- part of me doesn't want to paint it, but the other half thinks " why not?!" anyone have any ideas? I'd love to hear them.......

Wall art...

My cute cute mom did this down her hallway! She gives me so much inspiration its ridiculous! LOVE IT!!!
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Today was our sis's birthday, so we surprised her and went to one of our favorite thrift stores. Just being together around all those treasures is true rejuvination!This PYREX is yumm-0, lovin this blue!

Ohhh little T in a big black hat! PRECIOUS~

Ummm ......... Happy Easter?!

Couldn't pass up this lil'cutie, she came back to the homestead with me. The apron that is....

This vintage chalk board is so cute, I passed but will dream of it tonight and possibly go back for it tomorrow.....

And last but not least- this is what they called a pony tail hat. Never seen one....but this model we found in the store really pulled it off!

Adventures in thrifting.......until next time....

Case and point!

Hangout or Haven?

I had this bed made for us by a local welder, it is my favorite furniture piece I own!

So still luv the colors, but I get sick of a bed spread after like two hours! I've had this one for probably two years and I think I'm ready for a change. I'm thinking yellow and brown are gonna pop up in this bedroom sometime soon, I'll keep ya posted! ;) wink wink! Our bedroom is always the messiest - with four chillins we totally need it to be a haven not a hangout for the whole family! We joke that we should just buy a king size bed for our living room......

Sharin the LUV

This has been on my chalkboard bulletin for awhile, I LUV it! It's time for something new so thought I would share it with you before I erased it..If you have any thoughts you lUV- SHARE..

Forgottens... more burlap...

These are burlap canvases we did for our Burlap segment on Studio 5, I realized we had never blogged the rest of our projects. So I did this the same as the wall. ( I posted another pic down below) First I covered these canvases in the darker color burlap and cut out my pattern in the lighter color. I used spray adhesive to stick it down and then added a little tacky glue to some of my edges and more intricut pieces.

Look up contemporary flowers to get ideas for your patterns, or cut out petal shapes and just go for it!

This is my burlap wall- yum! I'm still liking it...

What we love most.....

Studio 5 asked us to display our favorite things for our upcoming segment,
so after thinking of a trillion things.....bowls, metal, glasses, dishtowels,
(oh ya it goes on..) we realized our very favorite thing is our family!
So we came up with a few ways to display the ones you love most.....

These clipboards are always hanging around the thrift store.
I love that you can change the pictures so easily,and they add a masculine touch to the room. Um have to mention the "D" man, how stinkin, yummy, cutiee button, bag o'love is he?

This is an old palette we had hanging around the garage, at first I was gonna make it into my boys head board but my hubs suggested it for a message board. (He is an honorary chikkaboom girl) We use tacks to hold up all the pics and other things that the boys love.

This is my family tree, I love how it turned out! I printed these pics on normal paper from my printer, then glued them to tags. I used lots of different ribbons to tie them on, to add texture and color. These branches are out of my gramps yard, he caught me sneeking around cutting foilage out of his yard! :)

There is a few more projects on our most recent clips from studio 5, check them out! Thanks for visiting, we would love to hear from you!

Studio 5 tomorrow!

We are so excited to show you guys some new ideas for showing off your pictures! Tune in Thursday Feb 3rd at 11:00 am on KSL!!!
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