Fast Fun Fourth of July Projects!

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Need some last minute ideas for your 4th of July?
We've got a few that are so fun, you might just want to keep them up ALL YEAR LONG!


I love the shape of our country its so dang cute! So we decided to turn that shape into art!

The one above was made with fabric on fabric...on fabric! Just find a a good shape, cut it out and spray glue the fabric right on top! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

or use spray glue and cover it in glitter, because glitter is awesome :)

Get Your Cross Stitch On

So to do this Cross Stitch Cutie just find a shape that you want to do...

Then with an exacto knife cut out the shapes

(aren't Taylors hands pretty?) Then trace your design on your fabric

Then start Cross Stitching!

TIP: Don't cut any excess fabric until your completely finished! The fabric tends to stretch a bit and it's a lot easier to tighten if you have that extra fabric to pull on!

Perfect Paper Pinwheels

We have had SO MUCH FUN with this paper pinwheels and they are super simple to make! The pinwheel above was made of old book pages torn out and folded.

TIP: Lay the folded papers FACE DOWN as you are making your pinwheel, once you have them in place then just lay a few pieces of tape (we used painters tape) on the top to keep everything in place!

These book page pinwheels can be used all year long to change it up a bit just add some POPS of COLOR like the triangles cut from a used coke pack!

To make this type of pinwheel you just take some paper and roll it into a cone shape, then hot glue your cones to a piece of cardboard or card stock. (I'm talking about the paper cones...get your mind out of the gutter!;) Scrapbook paper is fun to use, but to get the red stripes like the one above we used regular printing paper and painted the lines with red nail polish! Waste Not Want Not!

Patriotic Pillows

How Adorable are These!? These are DEFINITELY staying up all year long!!! For these pillows we sent the image we wanted to a screen printer which transfers the image onto fabric. Then we just cut the fabric into the sizes we wanted, these are about 18 inches, and then sewed some fun fabric to the back! 

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Big Thanks to Jessica at Great Basin Graphics in Cache Valley & our sweet family for helping us look polished!