Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hope your weekend is fantastically frightful! Eat all the chocolate you want - free pass for halloween!


Oh my heck! People are so creative, I don't know how we are going to choose. We might have to pick more than one..............so fun to see all your blogs and hear your stories and ideas. Keep em comin....B

Goin On Studio 5!

Check out our Studio 5 Page to get some GREAT ideas for decorating with DISHES!!!


He's here! My beautiful, squishy baby boy came September 30. He weighed 8 pds and 13 ounces. Havn't slept in a month, my belly is still looking 5 months pregnant, and I have no idea what is happening with my house but I hold him and feel his skin and how much he needs me and it's all worth it. Not to mention the two other big browns and one set of crystal blues that look to me for some kind of guidance every day. I push away the feeling of inadequecy and forge through another day hoping that I won't screw any of them up to bad! All you need is love- I hope that works cuz I sure do Love all four of them. -B


Draping cheese cloth over light fixtures gives any room a fun fright!
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Pick Your Poison...

When searching for eery glass bottles, don't take them home and wash them! On Halloween cobwebs and dirt have a shine of their own!
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Dollar store, I love you!

Found these fun Halloween pictures at the dollar store, but wasn't crazy about the frames. So I went shopping in my dungeon of a basement and found big chunky frames, spray painted them and set the pictures in! Now they look FABULOUS!
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Fabulous Frights!

Pages torn from old books and old dominos stuffed into lantern glass make a Fantastic back drop for creepy vinyl! dear mom, you are a Halloween GENIUS!!!
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