Studio 5 Window Display Challenge

Our friends at Studio 5 gave us another FUN decorating challenge! So what's the challenge? Decorate using inspiration from department store window displays! This is the window we picked!

To watch our Studio 5 segment just click HERE !

So we gathered all our string and went to town on these projects!

Instead of changing an entire room, which costs money and even more time, we decided to make some accent pieces to incorporate this fun look into any space!

So for this project you will need
* A Canvas
*String or Yarn
*Mod Podge
*Paint or Foam Brush

First of all there are NO RULES to how you can make these! Just go crazy! Here we started by measuring from one corner and pinning as we went to make a partial circle.

Then just brush on your Mod Podge where you want your string to stick (Mod Podge dries clear so don't be afraid to to just slap that stuff on!)

Then just lay your string down and paint another layer of Mod Podge on top of it!

Here's another cutie that you can make without using the pins!

And if you don't have string grab some doilies and fabric!

Thank You Studio 5 for this fun challenge!