Better Bathrooms!

Glass Jars are perfect for adding WHATEVER makes you happy! I got all kind of sponges from the dollar store and Wal-mart and layered them. Just try to layer different textures and colors, so two alike aren't together.

Vinyl (of course) polka dots make for a wall paperd affect. Polka Polka! Got this candle stick in the damaged section and revamped it-lime green baby!
Cutie plates from the DI we glued a broche to the middle. The Glue gun is a girls best friend.  Love the color combo of turquoise and red-  this vintage ceiling tile is so fun. Soo cute just to hang or would be cute as a message board. Well were off..... sorry the posts have been few and far between. Summer has had to much partying for us, and it's calling our name tonight too! Off to the movie with the kids- popcorn with extra butter.......YUM!