What to do with an old glass jar?

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Spring it on! Front door decorating......

Porch and front door decorating-

An old purse labeled "Post" adds a little Love for the mailman.

Two drawers from an old dresser, and four bed posts from an old bed, = one happy Mama. Why we love this? Because the drawers can hold more JUNK! JUNK = dirt (for flowers), pots, wreaths, and so on and so forth....... This concludes the story problem for today.

So many uses for this old bird cage holder! If it happens to disappear one night it wasn't me..........just sayin. We secured a plate holder to this platter and tied it from the bottom and the top with flashy ribbon. Vinyl adds some pink to this porch, a nice finishing touch. More porch ideas coming soon......


Oh how I needed a little spice in my bedroom! I have had this little vinyl plan FOREVER, but would never make the time to put it up. Toilet cleaning takes priority...... My sister gave me a push and I'm so glad! I think it turned out great, it brings your eye up and ties the whole room together. If you have something you have been wanting to get to but haven't because your toilets take priority too- get on it - you'll feel better!

These pics are my BORING ceiling before.....

This is after, a little spice- yum. Vinyl on the ceiling could be my new favorite thing! Vinyl is everywhere now, even target and similar stores have it. It takes two people to help eyeball it, unless you want to be crazy and measure?! Try some vinyl on the ceiling- Chikka Chikka....... B

Studio 5 Granny Chic!

Doily Bowl How To

These bowls are SO fun and SO EASY to make! Here are the things you will need:

* liquid starch (you can find this in the laundry isle of your grocery store)
* Wax paper
* Scotch tape
* Plastic cup
* cookie sheet or paper plate
* Doily
* A Bowl the size of your doily

Ok so what you do is turn your bowl upside down and wrap it with your wax paper. To make sure that your wax paper stays in place use your Scotch tape to secure the ends on the inside of the bowl. Place the covered bowl upside down on your cookie sheet or paper plate.

Fill your plastic cup half way with your liquid starch and dip your doily into it make sure to soak the entire doily.

Wring out any excess starch and place your doily on top of your bowl. Press down on your doily making sure to push down any loose ends or ripples.

Let your doily sit this way for 3 days.
After 3 days slowly Peel your doily off of its bowl and TADAA! You have yourself a Fabulous Bowl!

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Oh my goodness we are SO in love with this new trend! Take some Vintage charm, throw in something unexpected, add a touch of bling and you have yourself some Granny Chic!
Found these adorable pumps at a second hand store and fell in LOVE with them! Just lay some black netting into the souls and plant some spring flowers and you have a Granny Chic showpiece for the front porch!
Doilies are SO in my friends! You can find all different shapes and sizes! We found this doily at an Antique Mall in Logan and used it to embellish a pillow. The flower is made from old sweaters we picked up and the brooch in the middle is actually an earring!
This fun table runner is made from vintage doilies pieced together and sewed STAPLED!!! I love my stapler.

Old Granny purses hung on the wall to hold keys, mail, just about everything!

Vintage silverware displayed on the front of a framed handkerchief and an old Fabulous trash can made into a lamp shade, these are a few of our favorite things!
My cute mom has been collecting vintage serving trays for years! With a little elbow grease (and a drill) we have turned this one into a Grannylicious Clock!