Big NEWS Everyone!!!!

We will be doing an AMBUSH PORCH MAKEOVER!!! We will be selecting someone at random, come to there house and REVAMP their porch!!! Whoever we pick just remember that we are doing this out of love and just to bring a smile to your face (not because you need it)! Keep checking back with us to see who is the WINNER!!! And if you would like to nominate someone who lives in the Box Elder or Cache County area, we will add them to our list of prospects! If you do nominate someone, adding a picture would be very helpful in deciding who we pick!!! Thanks everyone!!! We love to hear your comments! And if you ever need any tips on any certain areas of you home or office E-Mail us at and we would be happy to give some pointers!!!

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  1. Come on people! nobody wants a cute front porch redo? Someone out there has tooooo......