What we love most.....

Studio 5 asked us to display our favorite things for our upcoming segment,
so after thinking of a trillion things.....bowls, metal, glasses, dishtowels,
(oh ya it goes on..) we realized our very favorite thing is our family!
So we came up with a few ways to display the ones you love most.....

These clipboards are always hanging around the thrift store.
I love that you can change the pictures so easily,and they add a masculine touch to the room. Um have to mention the "D" man, how stinkin, yummy, cutiee button, bag o'love is he?

This is an old palette we had hanging around the garage, at first I was gonna make it into my boys head board but my hubs suggested it for a message board. (He is an honorary chikkaboom girl) We use tacks to hold up all the pics and other things that the boys love.

This is my family tree, I love how it turned out! I printed these pics on normal paper from my printer, then glued them to tags. I used lots of different ribbons to tie them on, to add texture and color. These branches are out of my gramps yard, he caught me sneeking around cutting foilage out of his yard! :)

There is a few more projects on our most recent clips from studio 5, check them out! Thanks for visiting, we would love to hear from you!


  1. I forgot to give a shout out to my granola soul
    sistah- Melissa from Simply Be Photography, she took most of these pictures of my cute family! We chikkaboomers love her!

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