Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Thanks so muchly ladies for writing your comments! For baring your decorating souls, and making us laugh. We hope you found comfort and strength in knowing your not alone in the relm of failed domestic decor. .......And the winner is ROBERTA! I wanted to post a pic of a toll painted Knick knack with the announcement, but fortunately for us all I couldn't find one anywhere! Runner up is Melissa with 16 holes in her wall- love that! Roberta contact us through our email, to give us your address and we will get this charm in the mail!


  1. OH MY GOSH! Thanks for chosing me! I can now say that my mistakes have made me a winner! I can't wait to own that 'oh so cute' charm! It will remind me always that I'm a WINNER, dang it!!

  2. Did I forget to say THANK YOU?!
    THANK YOU! A Thousand times...THANK YOU!