Decorate with Games!

I have had these games for awhile. They have been dying to be out of the cupboard and be seen! I think this could be fab even if your games aren't old...

Stinkin cutest mom EVER! So ya, we were in a time crunch ( when are we not? ) I found this fabric in my stash and it wasn't quite big enough to wrap on this canvas. So we got out our trusty glue gun! I was worried but it totally worked!

I will admit I had a little heartache over gluing these cards because they are so old. But would I rather have them just sit in the cupboard? NO! So I just started with the circle of bingo cards, and worked my way out from there- it turned out cute! I'll probably add more someday when I have more time.......... So that means its probably staying this way...... ;)

I used these boxes to make a display, and section off this table as the "game" area. Ooooh how my basement needed some luv! Hope your fourth of July was amazing! Leave comments there's give aways coming soon! Ps. Roberta! We need your info. Again. We never got it on our email and we have your charm waiting! We've tried to find you through our follower link and failed. So try again.....

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