Fun Basics for Your Outdoor Space!

Just because Summer is almost over doesn’t mean you can’t still have a fabulous yard! We at Chikkaboom have come up with a few fun and creative ways to spice things up in your outdoor space!

Bicycles are a perfect addition to any outdoor space! Here we have wrapped some fun fabric through spokes and around handles to add a POP of color!

We found this basket at a second hand store and attached it to the back of the bike! This basket fit PERFECT but any basket would work!

Depending on the season (and your mood) you can fill your basket with twigs, pumpkins or some sprigs from a winter spruce!


Another fun item to use in your yard are chairs, not just for sitting you know ;) ! Here we spray painted a couple of old chair and hung them on the fence! They make GREAT shelves for anything from planting pots to Spooky jack O lanterns, or I think they are pretty darn cute all by themselves!


As the weather cools down we always love a good campfire in the evenings. Here we took an old buffet table and turned it into a Do it Yourself Hot Dog Stand!

These SO cute cones are made out of rolled scrapbook paper and mesh or chicken wire! Filled them with some fun greenery!

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