DIY Simple and Sassy Sandbox!!!

Here is a QUICK and EASY DIY sandbox we made out of an OLD TIRE!
Most everyone has one or two of these lovelies lying around, so why not put it to some good use?!

Brush off any dirt or cobwebs, and spray paint it your desired color ( I used a Krylon brand in Turquoise)

Then just line the inside with some garden fabric and then pour in the sand!

Ours took about 4 25 pound bags

The PERFECT size sandbox, and my kiddos LOVE IT!!!!


  1. Cute idea!! put on lid on it so the cats don't leave you prizes!! At preschool we had a plywood lid w/ a handle on it. Easy pezie! I love this because the kids can't get in so less sand comes in the house!!!

  2. Lid is definitely the next step! And I love it because they can just sit on the side of the tire instead of inside of it!