I want to hear everyone's Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions- let's hear it!


  1. Christmas is where it is at here at my house! :-) Having grown up in Denmark (my father is 1/2 Danish 1/2 American), we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, opening our presents. And since we also have the American we ALSO celebrate christmas morning and day American style:-) I LOVED this growing up, because it seemed like we got more presents that way! lol! With the Danish we also have TONS of traditions, but one is that we make an fresh Advent wreath (live); with 4 candles. We light one- at- a- time ,starting at the 4th sunday before Christmas; (so the last sunday before christmas we have them all lit). This lighting is a time for us to sing christmas carols by candle COZY! or as we say in Danish "Hyggeligt"! :-) Anyhow, the list goes on for us Danes:-) Love it! I cant wait to teach my children all these fun traditions:-)

  2. I love it,candles and Christmas carols sounds soo good. I will be copying that one.. We have big plans to share some of our favorites with all of you, but one I love when I'm decorating or baking is cranberry juice and sprite. Kinda funny but it is my Christmas drink- I drink it all season...learned it from my mom. Love you mom!

  3. My favorite is making rum cake...heavy on the RUM!!! Oooh babeh!
    - T