And The WiNNer Is...

Mary Ann - with - "Vintage Knick-Knack Stacks"!!!!
Yay Mary Ann we LOVE this name!!! It is SO fun and SO cute!!! You are very creative!!!CONGRATS!!! We love how that name describes its puspose while be  Fabulous at the same time!!!

It was SO hard deciding which one to pick, so we have two runners up that we will send a little "Diddy" to! FYI it wont be as exciting as a Knick-Knack Stack, but it will be fun none the less!!! So our 2 runners up are:

Cat - with - "ChiKKa-Chic-Tower"


Mandi - with - "Chandelier Tier"!

Okay cute girls shoot us an E-Mail @ and include your name and mailing address and you can expect some funmail very soon!!!

We ABSOLUTELY LOVED all your comments!!! We love hearing from you so keep your comments coming!!! Check back often for more fun decorating ideas and more contests!!!

Love, The ChiKKaBoom Girls!


  1. YEAH! I am emailing u my address! :-)
    Congrats to 1st place too:-) So cute!


  2. Thanks Chikkaboom girls! I LOVE U GIRLS TOO!:-) So inspirational!:-) I know how crazy this time of year is, so no worries:-) I am just grateful that I actually won a prize with u guys:-) So lucky am I:-)