So as you probably ALL know, my mother is a GENIUS!!!! She always comes up with the best ideas!!! This is her latest!

As she was making some slip covers for her family room pillows she thought it might be cute to have some kind of image on the front. So What does she do? ... She Spray paints them! ( Mom I LOVE YOU!!!) All she did was take some vinyl that has been cut to whatever image you could want, she picked the vinyl so that it made a stencil, then she stuck her stencil onto the fabric and spray painted it! As I said GENIUS!!!!

After the paint dries you just peel off your sticker and you have a FREAKING FABULOUS pillow!

LOVE IT!!!!!


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  1. Gorgeous pillow covers! Your mom is amazing. She must have been doing DIY stuff for a long time, am I right? And your dog is so adorable!