Studio 5 Challenge!

WOW! This was quite the challenge! But I think it  turned out pretty fabulous myself! The cute girls at Studio 5 sent us a “Challenge” in the mail, in the package were 31 dime sized red Bingo chips!!! We were puzzled to say the least! So we sat down and brain stormed and this is what we came up with!

The Bingo Chip Chandelier!!!

We needed a way to make the bingo chips appear bigger, so we decided to use soup can lids as a backdrop. We crinkled the lids with some needle nose pliers and spray painted them. Then we added some fabric, a button and the bingo chip! We covered the red on the chip with  black magic marker!

Then we pieced the chandelier together (a lot like you would with making jewelry), we used jewelry hardware, but you could also use ribbon or string! We attached the pieces to a round wire base (you could use really anything for this including a simple lamp shade) then we attached it  to a light fixture that we found at a second hand store (or you could use a light kit from any hardware store)!

To hang up our chandelier we just bent a couple of old forks and screwed them into the ceiling! Works like a charm!

And that is it my friends! Some other fun ways to use these fun bingo chips would be as tags for Christmas presents, ornaments or magnets! The list could go on and on! Thanks so much to Studio 5 for sending us this FUN challenge! Keep em coming girls!

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  1. How creative! That was amazing! When I thought of "crystal drops" chandelier, I see the bingo chip version from it as a DIY chandelier. Thank you for sharing this.