DIY Herringbone Painted Rug!

Hey Friends! I am SO EXCITED about this rug I could just pee a little (side effects of getting older)! ANYONE can make this rug, and really you could do any pattern you choose! Here is the How To for the Herringbone pattern!

So I have been looking for a cute rug for under my table FOREVER!!! And every one that I would find would end up being $500 to $1000 BUCKS!!! That's just ridiculous!!! There are PLENTY of other things I would rather spend that kind of money on (like a vacation)! So I decided to make it myself!
I found this 5 by 8 foot Beauty at Walmart for $29 bucks! By itself it wasn't very cute, but it was the perfect canvas!
So what I did is I measured the width and divided it by 2 (get out your calculators) to find the middle, then I marked it on the top and bottom with magic marker. Then I borrowed my hot hubbys chalk line (you can find these at any hardware store and they are GREAT for making straight lines!) I pinned the chalk line to my wood floor (its old) at the top marking point and then pulled the string tight to the bottom marker, once your line is tight pull up on the string with your other hand and let go! This will give you your first straight line! Its sound complicated but its really not, don't let me scare you!
Then I did the same thing measuring between the middle marker and the side of the rug, so I ended up with 3 blue lines running down the rug...are you still with me?...ok
Once you have your vertical lines you can start measuring the other way except this time don't use your chalk line (or you will be cursing me trying to wipe it off)! Instead make your marks starting in the middle with a magic marker, you basically want to end up with squares you can trace on.
Once you have finished marking your rug you will want to find something straight that you can trace with (I just used a piece of scrap wood) then start tracing a chevron pattern with magic marker.
Ok, the hard part is done!!!!! Now just paint!!!

And Paint...and paint...The time goes by a lot faster if you have a Coke and watch a good show on Hulu (I watched Community, its my guilty nap time pleasure!)
I just used black craft paint, six bottles to be exact!
And so with a little elbow grease, some paint and an ugly rug you can make something FABULOUS!!!
p.s. don't judge my unfinished chairs, that will be another project!


  1. I just love this idea. A cheap way to customize a rug and it looks great! I didn't even notice the chairs.

  2. Looks fantastic! I will have to try this.. Thanks for sharing :)


  3. looks great! i've always wanted to try painting a rug.