I still love vinyl! Yes it's been through phases, haven't we all? It had its days of glass tiles, & wooden plaques. They were good days don't get me wrong! Those wooden plaques could still be used here & there, holidays maybe? Vinyl is ready to move on to more sophisticated circles..... Get creative, think geometric designs, ceilings, toilets, words you love- in bolder fonts..... That's why I love it! It's so versatile and when your ready for a new " phase " take it off & start something new. The word HOME has hit me right in my core lately. I try everyday with all my might to make my house a HOME, no I'm not always successful but when I step back & think of the lovely chaos..... Cookies burned & baked, homework done or cried through, hugs given, laughs, dirty toilets, conflicts, dinners loved & hated, movies watched & snuggled through, water ALL over the floor tub times, and the people I love most in the world under one shelter. And in our own way making it through this life Together. Hopefully raising amazing, hopeful, happy kids to go & "make" a HOME of their own. So thankful for my HOME. - Bre

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