Oh happy Day!

What an amazing year it has been! (As I'm sure all of you could say) This post is not about decorating-sorry!-I'll make it short!I just wanted to say how truly blessed we are to live in the places we live. To practice the religions we choose. To make choices for our families, of schools, careers, and hobbies.   

This past week I had a great reminder, something I needed. Hold your friends, babies, families a little closer. Forgive quicker. Indulge more in the lovely things of life. Let your house go....(for a time ;)) and do something for yourself, your kids or neighbor. LET GO of relationships that hold you back. Have Gratitude and LIve-lIVe-LIVE your blessed life!

Great things to come! Paint ideas for your rooms, More burlap, and some fun pillow ideas! Thanks for taking a minute to look - we hope you feel inspired to decorate when you visit!

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