Sneak Peak...

It has been around for centuries, right under our noses. Beautiful and yes…CHEAP! Burlap baby! We love it and we use it EVERYWHERE!!!

You can find it just about anywhere! On the farm, at your local coffee shop and now you can even find it at the grocery store! It comes in lots of different colors, but our favorites are the neutrals! And after the Holiday colors of Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas, a little neutral is nice!
There are a many ways you can decorate with burlap. From pillows to books to wallpaper, the possibilities are endless!

W have had a BLAST decorating these past few weeks!


  1. Love the wall hanging! I also like Osnaburg fabric. It's beautiful, cheap and doesn't shed like burlap. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love love love it!! Especially your segment on Studio 5. I have been dying to make some things out of burlap for a while now, but I just cant seem to find any.....Where do you get yours?


  3. Hey our darling cat! I think you can get it at walmart. I got mine at joannes. It was a challenge but a good one! Let us know what you create!