Paint the possibilities!

So more on paint..... We love it because it gives you a custom look for cheap. If you can't afford moldings and bead board try paint to spice up your rooms!

This room is still a wrk in progress I need some stuff on the walls, but I wanted to show you Miss Roma's stripes. I love the neutral colors, but yet the stripe adds so much to this space. It also gives me a blank canvas for adding lots of color everywhere else. Gotta do pink because she's my only girlie.....

This is my boys room. Hello nothing up on the wall in here either! I didn't realize how bad I suck, having two babies 15 months apart has set me back..... Anyhoooo... I doo love this paint! The "X" feels so masculine to me, and I love the bold color. I was going to do a head board but I think the wall is enough of a focal point that I don't need to.

This is my toy room- Yay for toy rooms! This paint is two shades of the same color. Pick a color you love and have your paint peeps tint it two to three shades darker. Hope this gets you onto your paint projects.... Would love to hear about them......-B


  1. And if you luck out you get a stud muffin to come paint it. ;)
    Love these. Now why can't I get him to do it for me. :)

  2. Oh my heck! You make me laugh so hard! It's true he was a stud muffin in the paint department at this ladies house! You need to use bribery........

  3. I just saw your fun segment on Studio 5 and I had to visit your creative blog! Thanks for sharing your ideas, Tristan!

    May I ask you WHERE you found the white toy/bookcase pictured above? I love it! Also, where did you find the wire toy baskets? This is such a great, organized and clean-looking combination!

  4. Hey Katherine, This bookshelf is from IKEA. They have so many options of this same shelf, also lots of colors. The baskets are actually dish baskets of Martha Stewarts I got from K-Mart forever ago! Look in the cooking section- Hope that helps, thanks for the questions and visit! -B