My new boyfriends makeover.......

I finally got my buffet painted and put some decos on top! I painted it cream using a high gloss for a little extra shine. I added water to thin out my paint just a tich, I'm loving the results!

These frames are old cardboard frames they use to get with pictures. I found them at a second hand store. I removed all the old pictures and replaced them with my own. Although I have to admit I can't bring myself to throw away the others! They are someones family! Any ideas? .......any how... I used the books for some color, and I'm loving my little gallery of photos.

Especially this hunka, macho, cutie soldier man! Who are you handsome? I tried to get my sister to hang him on her fridge (because I'm married and I didn't know if it was inappropriate to have some unknown cute guy hanging on my own?) she wouldn't do it! I for sure can't let go of this one...... Can I? Let me know how you like the buffet! -B


  1. Love your buffet! You did a fantastic job on it. I love those old cardboard frames too. I've come across them at times and I've sold them on my site. They are really popular. By the way, I wouldn't be able to throw those pics out either, they are way cool!

  2. So cute as always!!! One day I'm going to have a little extra cash to do fun things like that with!!! One day oh one day. I would hang him on my wall and pretend he was part of my family and make up a really good story. But on the other note they obviously didn't want them any more so don't feel bad to throw them out. Cant wait to see you in 4 weeks!!!

  3. LOVE the Buffet - Great Makeover! I'm a new visitor and just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your creative 'muchness'!! I would give/sell/trade those old photos to a vintage store in town for them to add to their wall decor. My friend owns a fabulous vintage store and she has an entire wall of those old photos, diplomas and certificates adorning her walls. Delightful! Thanks for the inspiration from your blog - Fabulous!
    Life is beautiful, Amy

  4. Thanks Gals! Trading or selling is such a great idea, Love that! I'll check into it. Stacy I always love your comments, you sound soo fun and full of energy!Ash- just a couple days left, yay!