DIY Sheet Rock Mud Stencil

Once again the great people at Studio 5 have given us another Fun challenge! They have sent us and 4 other contributors the same packet of Martha Stewart stencils to see what projects we each can come up with! So after going over many ideas, we finally decided on our favorite! Sheetrock mud…Yes Sheetrock mud!
This is SO super EASY, anyone can do it! What you need is:
  • A frame ( any size will do )
  • A background ( we used wood panels, but you could use anything from metal to scrapbook paper or wallpaper )
  • Sheet rock mud and a small trowel ( you can find this at any hardware store )
  • Painters tape
  • Stencil
What we did is we took our frame and spray painted it a metallic gold, then we measured the inside of the frame and cut the wood panels to fit!
Then you just place your stencil down where you would like and secure it in place with painters tape!
Then just scoop up some mud and smooth it over your stencil being careful not to press or work it in too much or it will bleed.
Then slowly pull your stencil off right after applying the mud…
And VOILA! It’s really that simple, and in the end you have a one of a kind piece of art!

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