HEY LISTEN UP!!! Groove Book is offering ChiKKaBoom readers a FREE PHOTO BOOK!!! HURRY!!!

Why have they NOT thought of this before???!

Groove Book is an AWESOME new app that will print up to 100 pictures from any phone in a cute little book that makes removing pictures easy if you want to use them for framing or scrapbooking! Or if your like me :) you can just leave them in the book and have your most cherished photos (which are usually the ones we snap quick on our phones ) in one convenient book!

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! And it's SuPeR EASY to use! You get to pick which pictures you want, or don't want! And with this Coupon Code you will get your first book absolutely FREE! NO PRINTING CHARGE, NO SHIPPING, ABSOLUTELY FREE! Did I mention that it's free?

 If you choose to keep your monthly subscription going, it only costs $2.99 a month (That's CRAZY kids ) Or you can simply just cancel after you receive your first FREE book!

Hurry over to GrooveBook and download their app to receive your first free Photo Book using




  1. Neat!
    How long is this code good for?

    1. They didn't give me an "Use until " date, so grab yours QUICK!