Howie Mandel...... How We Mantel!

First of all that post title is hilarious...
 and...Here's a quickie Idea for your mantel! I know your all putting away you're Christmas Crap! Yes, I said crap. Go get that mantel decorated! I covered these books with book pages forever ago and I love them! You can cover any book with pages, put those old twilight books to good use. I use them for lots of decorating stuff. They are a great neutral color, and easy to add to any vignette for height. My mantel is Concrete with white oval tiles, its a keeper! I have lots of project ideas in my head for this year, I can't wait to get them going! If I can quit cleaning toilets for long enough to get anything done. Hope this New Year is full of happiness, organizing, and LOVE! -- B

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