On the 11th Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me...A SCAVENGER HUNT FOR OUR JAMMIES!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!! Every Christmas Eve night we have a tradition of making a scavenger hunt for one present (per person) to open! In our case we do pajamas, but you could really do anything! Our dad makes up the hunt for all of us, then we all go into one room together while he hides them. To start the hunt we always go in order of youngest to oldest ( so the kids don't get bored with it!) So here is an example;

We start out by giving the first clue right to the person which might read something like this:

It's Low not High, At times its Wet
Its where your Rubber Ducky is, I bet...

So then they would find their next clue in the bath tub! You can do as many clues as you'd like finally ending in the place you have hidden the present! It is so Stinkin FUN!!! You should all try it! It is even fun for the grown ups!!! Well I hope you try it out! And Have a Merry Merry CHRISTMAS!!! 

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