Fourth day continued... ;)

Its fun to set the table up fancy, even when you don't have company coming over!

To make this fun snowflake table cloth, all you need is some fabric and a pair of scissors. Cut your fabric ( I used light burlap ) into a square as big as you need it, and fold it like you would paper to make a snowflake! Then just cut whatever design you like! Simple I know, but hard to cut through all those layers at once!

Sometimes its hard to find more than two vintage plates that are the same, so mix it up! Go for the pieces you love, odds are when you put them all together they will look fabulous!

Decorating with Christmas bulbs as if they were part of the feast adds a fun sparkle to the table! When using greenery to decorate for Christmas doesn't always have to be pine, I cut these greens from a winter gem boxwood bush...

Greet your guests with a fun chalk board saying. It could be the menu for that evening, or a line from a song. Whatever you love! This giant chalkboard used to be a giant painting...sometimes I feel bad putting chalk board paint all over someones piece of art, but paintings make very sturdy black boards!

And last but not new ornament chandelier! This sucker turned out FABULOUS!!!!!! My hot hubby mouted a plastic decor grate to the ceiling above the table (thanks my hot lover!!!) Then I just got to work stringing and tying every bulb all at different heights and spacing. Starting with the biggest being the longest and in the center. Then just built around it. I used only yellow and silver and I am now very much in love with those two colors together!

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  1. I love the chandelier idea. I've been wanting to put something on my ceiling that would help me hang things for parties this is adorable. Where did you find the plastic thing and how did he mount it? I so want to do this...ooh the possibilities!

  2. We found it at a second hand store! But while I was hanging it I thought, you really could use anything! A spray painted oven rack, chicken wire in a big funky frame, a dish drying rack, on and on... We just mounted it up with screws into the cieling! If your going to hang something heavier than ornaments you should try to aim for a stud. Im so glad you liked it! Every time I walk into my dining room I get so excited, Im in love with it! Hope this helped! Send us a picture when your done! We would LOVE to see it!!!

  3. cool thanks I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for my hanging apparatus. I was envisioning tissue paper pom poms for birthday parties, candles or bats for halloween. oh I'm excited!

  4. Those are great ideas.We want to come-sounds FUN!

  5. I love your site! Do you have a way you could send posts to an E mail or facebook page? If not: HINT HINT!!

    I know this is 2 days before Christmas and with your ideas I plan on decorating! I do not have time for my traditional decorating but now I see how I can do something easily and quickly to bring the spirit of Christmas home.
    Thank You,

  6. Marguerite you are a genius! I've never thought about doing it through email. I will look into it!Thanks so much for your cute comments!!!

    ChiKKaBoom Girls