On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me.........Obligatory Neighbor gifts YAY!

So here are a few ideas we have done over the years: I don't have pics because I have to many kids and unwrapped presents.....

- Give a small jar of pace picante salsa and a bag of chips witha cute tag that says-" Is the hustle and bustle of the season getting you down? We hope this helps you pick up the "Pace" this Christmas!" CHEESY but cute-

- Give a dollar store plate with the first initial of their last name in vinyl on it. (with cookies if you have time, if not the plate is great!) You can find vinyl in lots of stores now with great designs.

- A special Ornament handpicked with the date and a short message on the bottom can be loved forever- or there is always vintage ornaments ( if my friends are reading this go for the last option if your looking for me! wink wink )

- A box or bag of Clementines for neighbors or friends is a great gift. (little cuties) My kids have been downing these things!

- Pancake  or cookie mix with a tag that says " Hope your Christmas is mixed with Love and Laughs!"

- For closer friends I think magazine subscriptions are so fun- What Girlie doesn't love some kind of magazine?

- A two liter of sprite with a tag that reads " May your days be merry and sprite!" So much cheeze but at Christmas you can get away with it....

- 1-Grab tea cups and small plates from a thrift store 2- Stick whole cloves in a small orange 3- Place your orange in the tea cup and tie some ribbon on it, wrap it up with a cellophane sack - This smells so yummy and makes a cute gift.

- If you have crafty girlfriends or family give them a yard of cute fabric- fabric can be used for anything!

Hope this helped someone out there! Were almost there, to the big day. Does anyone else get sad that it's almost over?  Hope all is well with all of you. Merry wishes and happy last minute shopping! 

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