On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me....Six keys a hanging

Ornaments that aren't ornaments! Think of using things in your house, or your collections.
This year we did Tea cups, Keys (even ones that weren't old, just normal keys- add a little
glitter and remake them fabulous) Old cards,Frames, numbers, magazine clipart,.......we'll
show you more on Studio 5 on Tues.

Your tree in a stand (unless you are brave and have a real one- I'm jealous if you do) is out! Find something else to put your tree in- this may require your husbands or neighbors help! Urns from Wally's work great, smaller trees work the best for this too.Love this one on the green table- this table should have been mine........it's ok I forgive you mom.

This is another example of the fabric thing!

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